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  • Please tell us about the attractions.

There are many such Nakijin Castle Ruins of Ocean Expo Park and World Heritage Site.

  • What is time when the cherry in full bloom?

Japan early Cherry Blossom Festival in Nakijin castle ruins are located in the middle of every year in January.

  • Around the convenience premises?

Facilities required for life (Market, a convenience store, every time a post office) is within walking distance.

  • Do you have a place that can meal around?

The Nakijin There are surprisingly a lot of eateries.

  • Is there a rental DVD shop nearby?

We have a lot if you go to 20 minutes of Nago by car.

  • About Marine Sports

You can enjoy a variety of water sports.

  • You either go by how many minutes to the sea

Nakijin five minutes from anywhere you out to sea if Hashire by car. Enough to surprise even close to the lodgings there is a lot of beautiful coast.

  • Churaumi Do you go by how many minutes to the Aquarium

It is about 20 minutes by car from the dormitory. Also to Nakijin Castle Ruins of the world physician heritage is about 10 minutes.